Adjustable Roof Bracket
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Adjustable Roof Bracket

Adjustable Roof Bracket, a heavy-duty roof scafforlding bracket with a crank handle to be adjusted from 18 to 90 degrees, 3000lbs load tested.

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This unique Adjustable Roof Bracket product was firstly designed and developed by Auwell in year 2008. It has been well distributed to the Home Depot, RONA and Lowe in Canada and United States. It is also called Roof Adjusta Dock or Roof Extreme Bracket.

Bracket Atap Boleh Laras ini adalah pendakap perancah atap tugas berat dengan pegangan engkol yang membolehkan pengguna menyesuaikan sudut pendakap dengan nada bumbung yang tepat. Kurungan bumbung yang boleh disesuaikan ini dapat disesuaikan 1 darjah pada satu masa dari 18 hingga 90 darjah.

Mudah menyesuaikan diri dari 18 hingga 90 darjah dengan hanya memutar pemegang engkol untuk memadankan ketinggian papan perancah dengan nada bumbung yang tepat. Kurungan bumbung yang boleh disesuaikan ini juga dapat diselaraskan dengan cepat dengan pemutar skru atau, power driller. Bracket Atap Boleh Diselaraskan mempunyai panduan ketinggian yang menunjukkan kepada pengguna nada yang tepat braket diatur di sisi pendakap.

Braket atap boleh laras mempunyai mekanisme penggulungan industri tugas berat dan keling tugas berat yang disalut zink untuk mengelakkan karat dan karat. Beban diuji hingga 3000 lbs., Memenuhi Garis Panduan OSHA untuk pementasan bumbung yang selamat.

This Adjustable Roof Bracket also features an adjustable scaffold support which accepts 2x10” planks ranging from 2-2.5" thickness. Also, 2x6” is available. 

Each Adjustable Roof Bracket is powder coated in Yellow, which makes them highly corrosion-resistant and highly visible on the job site. Durable, easy-to-install and remove and designed to protect all roof surfaces.  

Auwell is the manufacture that produces and exports this Adjustable Roof Bracket product to North American market in last 10 years. We are able to offer the products with clients’ brand name, trade mark and color scheme. Distributors that are interested in this product, please contact us for details.

Technical Specifications

-Material: 1/8” (3mm) carbon steel plate

-Permukaan: Dilapisi serbuk, warna atas permintaan.

-Weight: Available upon request

-Product dimensions: Available upon request

-Package information:Setiap item, 12pcs dibungkus dalam kotak warna kemudian pallet, maklumat pembungkusan terperinci yang akan disediakan atas permintaan.


-Rich Experience

Lebih dari 10 tahun pengalaman dalam pembangunan perkakas atap dan produksi, terutama ke pasar Amerika Utara, dengan pemahaman yang kukuh mengenai harapan pengguna dalam fungsi dan kualiti.

-Pusing Balik Pantas

For existing clients with confirmed brand, trade mark and package, 45 days lead time after getting order. For custom branded products, 60 days of delivery time.

-Comprehensive Solution Provider

Auwell provides comprehensive services for roofing products design and development starting from designing, through prototyping, tooling/fixture development, sampling, mass production, and to logistic and post-sale support.

-Dasar QC yang tegar

The most rigorous quality policy starts from material control, and is followed through to final pre-shipment inspection. Material certificates include the mill certificate, 3rd party chemical components, and mechanical property reports, as well as RoHS and REACH reports upon request. We structure our processes, creating Flow Charts and Control Plans before production, making sure all QC processes are in accordance with ISO9001-2015 requirements and drawing specifications.

-Tempoh Pembayaran Fleksibel

Auwell offers flexible and favorable payment terms, reasonable credit terms will be given, the client only pays when they are happy with the product they received. For long-term projects, we offer call-off inventory services for fast delivery requirements.

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